Monday, January 23, 2012

Assignment One

Ok, I think I have finally figured this blog thing out... You would think that I would have a better understanding of the different social sites but this is completely new to me.

But for the questions in the first assignment I think I might have a hard time. I have picked two studies that are nearly polar opposites. I'm a Technology Management and Art History student. I have an idea for the senor thesis but I'm not sure it is deep enough to cover the requirements for the senior thesis. My idea is to show the correlation between art and technology. During my courses with art history I found an interesting correlation suggesting that the art industry leader is usually the technology leader. Some of the time periods that reflect this idea is Egyptian, Greek and early American. Then I could take this idea and see if the technology leading companies like Google, Intel, Apple and Samsung embrace art to the point displaying at their sites. I currently work for Intel and Micron and we have no art displayed at our work site. But I'm not sure if this idea for a topic is enough to cover multiple pages or if it is even interesting enough for the audience to read.

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  1. Nick,

    Actually, you've gotten a hold on one of the more interesting questions in all of human behavior: What is the relationship, exactly, between our commitment to symbolic art and our access to particular technologies? From the prehistoric henge monuments and ochre cave paintings to the latest Photoshop digital photography superstars, there has never been a human art form that didn't depend on some peculiarly human and usually local (in time and/or space) technology.

    So, rather than ask if tech sites need or use art, why not ask what new art is on the horizon thanks to the newest technologies, and then, perhaps, ask how one might support, manage, and/or distribute such art as it arrives?