Sunday, January 29, 2012

Assignment 2

Thanks to some helpful comments I'm starting to think that I could not only write about how art influences but also how technology influences art. In the mid 1960's computers and art made history together by creating the first digital art form. Today thanks to technology many drawings created using a computer can be easily mistaken as a real image. So, where will art go next thanks to technology? Has the need for new art forms driven new technology? Thanks to the comments this has widened the possible avenues I can take with my research.


  1. Nick,

    "Where will art go next thanks to technology?" is the clearest framing of a viable thesis question for you so far. It still needs refining. Do you want to focus on a particular art form? Mixed media? Photography? CGI? And what technology or technologies do you wish to highlight?

    I recommend you do fairly heavy research and reading this next week or two to try to identify the technology most likely to impact one or more particular art genres in the near future. You may also want to interview your art professors and email any artists you can discover online whose work already appears heavily influenced by tech. What's next, in their opinions? Why?

  2. Sounds like your idea is starting to come together. I am interested in what your project will look like ...

    For example, are you thinking of focusing on certain artists or certain genres? Will you be conducting interviews or using examples of art? Will you be speculating into the future or looking at past trends? Will your work connect with art history or will it focus on the digital age? What kind of work has been done that is similar to what you want to do?

    These are big questions. Perhaps you already have answers to some of them and perhaps others you are still feeling out. Let us know what you have in mind and which questions you are still unsure about, and we can begin to develop this idea.